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Strategic Evolution for Mission-Driven Success

Brewer Pratt Solutions specializes in the delivery of hyper-custom innovations that increase impact and member engagement, diversify revenue, and ensure the relevance of:

  • not-for-profit organizations
  • membership associations
  • trade associations
  • medical & scientific societies
  • 501c chapters & affiliates
  • charities & foundations

Serving chief staff executives, affiliate leaders, and board officers, we have a depth of experience and diversity of expertise that allows us to help cultivate the successful futures of nonprofit organizations. We work exclusively in the nonprofit sector, providing advice, guidance, and practical support to membership societies around the globe.

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"Elisa knows how to bring a group of passionate executive board members (who like to get into the weeds)to a perfect consensus while keeping them strategic and focused on the possibilities. Elisa's style complimented our PSHRA Board and made a long day interesting, lively and worth every minute. A++"
"I could not give a stronger recommendation for anyone as a strategic planning facilitator than Elisa Pratt. She is extremely well prepared and very effectively connects with both elected and staff leadership. She is in control and keeps the group focused on the task at hand. I am very gratified our organization made the decision to retain Elisa for this very critical work. I look forward to utilizing her services going forward to maximize the effectiveness of our organization."
"Elisa was brought in to provide interim support in business development for our association management services program, but we ended up capitalizing on her strategic thinking, project management and change management skills in unanticipated ways. She performed an environmental scan, a SWOT analysis, for our program and led the creation of a comprehensive business plan to move the program forward. She challenged our status quo, providing much needed excellent insights and fresh perspectives along the way. She engaged staff at a new level and was an excellent sounding board for me. Elisa really delivered, and I would highly recommend her."
"Elisa led our Board through a two-day strategic planning exercise (not to mention the weeks/months of prep before and after). She was prepared, funny, and direct and didn't just facilitate our meeting and leave us to figure things out from there. Elisa provided us with the tools we needed to take our discussions and put them into action. I am so grateful for Elisa's expertise and her support of me in my role in the process."
"Elisa brought a very complex coalition of industry associations to agreements on their mutual goals and objectives in just 1.5 days after years of tension and conflict. We have a well needed new start to address a set of old problems. She is an excellent strategic planner- direct and very good at her job. I would highly recommend Elisa for any similar engagement in your organization. "
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