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Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC (BPS) is an association advancement consulting firm, fervently committed to the evolution of non-profit organizations. In partnership with executive staff, elected boards and volunteer leadership, we identify and help deploy innovations that increase effectiveness, revenue, engagement, and leadership. Whatever your size, budget, or mission - BPS specializes in inspired and hyper-custom management consulting, providing realistic solutions to help you realize increased organizational success. 

We listen first! Whether tailored strategies or professional service improvements, our exhaustive and personal approach is anything but traditional. Only after dedicated discovery and alignment with mission and goals, do we dive in to deliver what boards, staff executives and member groups need to function at the highest level. We invite you to contact us to discuss your current challenges or even what's on your to-do list. ​  

With nearly 20 years in your shoes, Brewer Pratt Solutions works to identify and implement answers to those challenges holding your association back. In some cases, longer term, strategic solutions are necessary to re-calibrate and develop the road map to a successful future. Sometimes the executive staff simply don’t have the bandwidth to deliver those much needed projects or address shorter-term organizational and membership needs. Consequently, BPS offers two consulting approaches: 1) strategic-based solutions; and/or 2) project-based professional services; both providing customized and impactful results.

What can we accomplish together to advance your organization's mission? Let's get to work!


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